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Career Services are available for helping you identify your needs, interests, personality characteristics and aptitudes that you need to know for being able to find which career path suits you more and gives you more satisfaction. Continuous counselling and career related personal development will also be available for you.

We are aware of the fact that little importance is given to young people’s need for help in identifying their strengths, skills and preferences for future jobs, but the good part is that we are here to help. Young people are often in the position to decide on a job or career path with little knowledge of the opportunities and personal characteristics that are important for this decision. Being aware of our skills, interests and internal characteristics and using this information in the process of choosing future jobs is correlated with a higher work related satisfaction. Working shouldn’t have to be a burden.

So come meet us and let’s get to know you better, together!

Give us information about what kind of person (person) you are looking for, and we will help with team building. We work with young people who want to have a job based on their values and qualities in order to enjoy working in your company. Whey will, can create value as part of it on a temporary or permanent basis.

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