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The Independence Day of Ukraine is celebrated in Timişoara in the community


On August 24, Ukraine will celebrate 31 years of independence, this date also marking half a year of defense against Russian aggression.

To highlight this period of friendship, support and common struggle for peace, organizations and institutions from Timişoara are joining forces to prepare a series of solidarity events for Ukrainians who are celebrating Independence Day far from home, in the city where the Romanian Revolution broke out in 1989. The events are dedicated to all those who want to discover and learn more about the history and culture of Ukraine, while promoting the whole set of values that defines the city of Timişoara: inclusion, cultural diversity and tolerance, a multicultural and intercultural safe space, shared by all the ethnic groups that live here.

The events start at 17:00, with the inauguration of the “Stand With Ukraine” mural, an artwork that has the theme of Romanian-Ukrainian friendship in the context of the emergency situation caused by the war.

The mural is made by the local artist Andrei Drăgan (known as Lux) on a wall of C15 student dorm building of the West University of Timişoara. The Mayor of Timişoara, Dominic Fritz, is expected at the inauguration festivity.

“Through the mural, we want to immortalize this period of unprecedented collaboration between Romanians and Ukrainians to support and fight for peace in the democratic world. The story of Romanian-Ukrainian friendship will be presented in the form of a modern comic, painted in the colors of the Romanian and Ukrainian flags.”Jane Rozbitskaya, project coordinator, Timiș County Youth Foundation. 

Timiș County Youth Foundation (FITT), Prin Banat Association, Social Assistance Directorate of Timișoara Municipality, Timișoara Community Foundation, Best of Timişoara, West University of Timişoara.

The Mural “Stand With Ukraine” is financed by the Timișoara Municipality, through the Center for Projects.